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We Offer Implant Surgeries and Advanced Periodontal Treatments in Ottawa

Dr. Fong is experienced in full-mouth rehabilitation, particularly using implants, today’s gold standard in missing teeth replacement. He can place implants from start to finish thereby restoring what Mother Nature has given you in form, function, and beauty — all in the same office.

Smile Design Ottawa offers several specialized treatments, such as gum surgery and complex teeth extractions in order to improve the oral health of our patients. In offering periodontal treatments to Ottawa patients, Dr. Fong can perform gum grafts, bone grafts, as well as non-invasive laser gum surgery. Although, gum surgery is usually a last resort after other treatment options have been exhausted.

When wisdom teeth erupt, it can cause shifting of adult teeth, as well as overcrowding issues in the mouth. For some patients, the wisdom teeth may also be nearly impossible to reach with a tooth brush, which can lead to periodontal issues and tooth decay. For patients that require full sedation, we will refer you to a well-known, highly qualified oral surgeon in the area.

For more information on specialized dental treatments, call Smile Design Ottawa today to schedule an appointment.

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